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You know the day destroys the night, Night divides the day Tried to run Tried to hide Break on through to the other side... We’re now on the other... Read More
Tight lines. That’s what Speaker David Ralston (R) 7th – Blue Ridge seeks to provide with his ethics bill – HB 142. The bill would require members of... Read More
GA EPD would be on a short leash if HB 255 is enacted. Rep. Tom Kirby (R) 114th-Loganville has suggested that no GA EPD rules should be put into... Read More
Some Georgia lawmakers want to offer free fishing on birthdays to everyone with a boat and free Sportsman’s Licenses to veterans. Read More
Help to ensure that your children and grandchildren inherit the wild places that you enjoy. Arm yourself with the facts. Join with fellow sportsmen... Read More
The good news is that the hatcheries are not on the chopping block this year and cutbacks are not as deep as in recent years. Read More
Bravo Zulu GA DNR Wildlife Resources Division Fisheries! (BZ is a succinct compliment, often used by the Marines and Navy, meaning Well Done.)... Read More
This past Thursday, sportsmen of all stripes – anglers, hunters, fresh and salt water, deer, duck and upland descended on the Georgia Capital for... Read More
AD∙VO∙CATE n. (AD•vuh•kit) one who defends or supports a person or cause: an advocate for protection of coldwater resources. The Georgia General... Read More